It’s Friday! Good Eats…

I’m sure all of you are looking forward to a relaxing weekend! Last night a couple friends and I  took advantage of the of the last stretch of New York Restaurant Week and ended up at Chez Josephine (42nd/6th Ave).
I  heard great things about the food, and the atmosphere from a number of people and had to see myself. Now, to say that I enjoyed myself would be an understatment….I was in heaven! The food was AMAZING, and the ambiance was great; it felt like you were transported to 1920/1930’s Jazz and Flapper period –Which happens to be one of my favorite era’s.

Here are some photos from last night (ps. sorry for the poor quality photos, all I had was my iphone!)


Krissy, Me and Jose!



If  any of you on the East Coast are interested here is the website:

I would highly recommend this place and look forward to going back soon.



ps. if this isnt your cup of tea, check back later on today for some fashion related discussions! Have a great day! JP


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