Look Who it is: ADR is back.

So you guys didn’t think I’d let fashion week go by without a peep about Ms. Dello Russo did you??

So this morning I ran into this little photo and blurb about our acclaimed “FASHION MANIAC”

ps. Anna wore this fabulous feathered YSL ensemble to the Marc Jacobs Show. If you can manage to peel your eyes from the dress/coat..check out those fierce shoes…LOVE THEM. Very Sexy.

And apparently the hat featured on the runway model on the left is next on Ms. Dello Russo’s shopping list. In an interview with Fashionista.com Anna says:

” I loved the collection,” she told us. “It was a kind of fantasy, a fairy tale–like a Tim Burton movie, which is really good for us to get in a different mood. Rather than being strictly fashion like it used to be in New York it’s time to dream. Of course, the Stephen Jones hats were fantastic and the buckle on the shoes–everything puts you in a fantasy mood.”

“So will we see you in one of those hats?” we had to ask.

“I will, for sure,” Dello Russo said without hesitation. “The white one with the pink. I can carry it [off], I think so.”

She will never get boring. 🙂


Full interview can be found on Fashionista.com


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