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Hello Friends! I have some exciting news to share!–JP the musings will be returning to the blogosphere!! With that said, here is what you guys can expect: a snazzy new look. definitely  posts on fabulous…and not to fabulous but absolutely hilarious fashion, and some new topics/content inviting you to see whats going on with me! A lot has changed so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do and I just can’t wait! Talk to you soon! 🙂


xo JP



i.e. me VERY excited for whats to come!! 🙂


Can we talk about this? Marc Jacobs…

Marc Jacobs, established and esteemed fashion designer-Who also happens to be pretty good looking. Now, I am for self expression, fashion, and art. I don’t mind the dresses and the skirts, but Good Lord, I couldn’t handle this:

I think its the socks with the manly calves and that hemline…WTF?

….LOL I don’t know its something….but it is enough to make me laugh every time I see a picture of him wearing those silly shoes.

OOH LA LA…something that finally made my heart jump!

So its been a crazy couple of days, and well I was feeling pretty uninspired…UNTIL NOW. Check out the sexy evening gowns from Elie Saab. I am lovvvvvvving them.


Theres nothing like glamour to make a girl happy!

What do you all think? Are you loving it too?



More Amazing Fashion from Dior

To my dismay, Friday I was unable to find any more looks from Dior’ show…but this morning was a different story. I scored from pretty sweet pics of the beautiful clothing from the Dior Paris show. Here are my top picks:

I really loved the shapes, and the textures. This are seriously beautiful pieces.


Drool worthy….a Weekend Treat :)

Two things that I could not get enough of today…Dior’s ballerina themed collection from Paris and Red Nina Ricci ankle strapped pumps with jewel details. I am LOVING it.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes…definitely something I would wear during the winter holidays…and the Jewels make them so much more festive.

And this…so beautiful


What do you guys think of the tea length skirts? I think thay are a nice alternative to the formal floor length. I think it all looks really refreshing, light and airy. Can’t wait to see more!

Opinions? I’d love to hear them!

Have a great weekend 🙂


So maybe a lot of us won’t be buying Kanye West Shoes…

So heres an update…a rather rude awakening. The White Cuffed sandals (BELOW) are selling in Paris right now for 4220 Euros. That means $5,897.74 for us living in U.S.

My thoughts….HUH? What? Seriously?

 Not $600 but $6,000?? I truly am perplexed to say the least. I have some advice for Kanye: Shoes are the one thing you got right in the design fiasco that was your fashion show…maybe you should actually make them available to people. 

Thats just silly.

Kanye West coming to a store near you!

Anyone remember all of the negative press Kanye received at his last fashion show for the skimpy little knit and fur ensembles he was showing? Not even the modeling industry’s hottest models [i.e. Karlie Kloss, Chanel Iman, Izabel Goulart to name a few] strutting in his designs could have saved him from the harsh fashion critic, but his shoes were a different story. They were actually pretty well received.

Kanye has been known for his shoe collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti and seems to be getting even more exposure for his shoe designs as he is rumored to have designed the shoes for DION LEE’s London Debut.

Here are some of Kanye’s designs. What do you think?

Shoes from Kanye’s design debut:


Shoes from Dion Lee’s London Debut:

So what do you guys think? Will you be purchasing a pair?


Oscar Round Up!

The Oscars came and went…and what did yours truly do on Oscar Sunday? I had a HUGE fashion fail. I FELL ASLEEP.
<gasp here>
I know.  To my disapointment I missed the whole thing.  Red Carpet, Awards Ceremony. All of it. Not that this is a valid excuse, but I was still recovering from being sick all week.  
Needless to say I am thankful for all of the internet coverage on the Oscars so I was able to catch up and see the lovely gowns. I was pretty pealsantly suprised, nothing crazy or out of the ordinary, unless you count Sasha Baron Cohen’s act as “The Dictator.”

Now for my picks (not in any particular order):

 My absolute favorite has to be Angelina Jolie, what an improvement from her Golden Globes Dress.
So what do you guys think? I’d love to hear your opinions!

Back with a Bang!

Forgive me for being MIA this week…in short, I have been battling a very unpleasant stomach virus. Non the less, I am back and ready to talk FASHION.

So this morning I was catching myself up on whats been going on in the fashion world since I’ve been basically invalid for the last few days and came across this article that made me giggle. God, I love this woman. If you ever get sick of hearing about her let me know, but don’t say I didn’t warn you, she kills me.

This lady has plans…after fashion, Anna Dello Russo plans on being a…(drum roll please)..SINGER!  

Huh? What?? Yes, thats right.

Anna Says, “I want to finish in fashion, become a singer and release a record,” if her singing is as loud as her clothing well then we are in for a treat!

Well I must say I cannot wait to see her bust some of these pretty sweet moves to the sound of her own tunes:


Bravo to Ms. Dello Russo for never being boring.

So what do you guys think??