Back with a Bang!

Forgive me for being MIA this week…in short, I have been battling a very unpleasant stomach virus. Non the less, I am back and ready to talk FASHION.

So this morning I was catching myself up on whats been going on in the fashion world since I’ve been basically invalid for the last few days and came across this article that made me giggle. God, I love this woman. If you ever get sick of hearing about her let me know, but don’t say I didn’t warn you, she kills me.

This lady has plans…after fashion, Anna Dello Russo plans on being a…(drum roll please)..SINGER!  

Huh? What?? Yes, thats right.

Anna Says, “I want to finish in fashion, become a singer and release a record,” if her singing is as loud as her clothing well then we are in for a treat!

Well I must say I cannot wait to see her bust some of these pretty sweet moves to the sound of her own tunes:


Bravo to Ms. Dello Russo for never being boring.

So what do you guys think??

Weekend Treat!

Hope you all have a great weekend…I’m leaving you guys with a little treat right before the weekend begins. I found this beauty and had to share! Love the red dress with gold belt and absolutely love lace very sexy!               

Michael Kors, Fall 2012

Enjoy 🙂

Cheers to the Weekend! Plus, dont miss: hot new designer polish collaborations

Happy Friday People! T-G-I-F 🙂

I know all of you are looking forward to a nice long President’s Day Weekend…I sure am! So to kick off the weekend, I’ve got something a fun and new for you guys. Info has recently been released unveiling some hot new Designer nail polish collaborations. Who doesn’t love to experiment with new, funky and fresh colors??

Betsy Johnson for Sephora for OPI
The collection consists of 6 mini- polish bottles including nail art designs.
Betsy Johnson on the collection: “The collection is just how I like it – loud, outrageous, pretty, pinky, and kickass rock and roll.”


Alexander Wang for Sally Hansen
Fall 2012 Polish Collection
Colors from L to R: Bandage, Ion, Pumice

Peter Som for Zoya
Colors from L to R:  Katherine,Evvie, Audrey

Oscar de la Renta
(Collaboration with his own brand)
Colors from L to R: Larimar, Aubergine, Red Carnation

Parabal  Gurung for Sally Hansen
Colors from L to R: Onyx, Blue Rose, Gilded Lily, Ivory Skull


So what do you guys think? Good Stuff, right?


I am back! After a couple crazy days, I am back and ready to talk FASHION.

So in the midst of what has begun as a crazy week, I needed something uplifting in my life right now…something to give me a little chuckle.

ENTER ANNA DELLO RUSSO. Its about time for another ADR post anyway. I love this crazy woman.

Of course the outfit would’nt be complete without what I sure is a diamond encrusted Tiara..and feathers! 🙂 So the picture shown above was paired with the quote below, regarding how MS.ADR prepares for NY Fashion Week:

“I prepare the looks and the luggage at the end of October. I already chose the best coats, and I saved for Fashion Week. I have a Balenciaga, really bright purple. Then I have an orange floral coat by Prada, and a really intense green velvet coat by Tom Ford. Not black. Anything but black! What I packed is many coats, boots, a clutch, and some evening party dresses – really short. Then I will bring some hats because New York is a really open-minded city. They say, ‘Oh that’s a good look!’ They encourage.

I went to India at Christmastime to prepare my body with yoga, swim, sunshine, also meditation and Ayurvedic massage. I like so much to be well done, you know, all perfect. I like now kind of red-orange chinois for the nails. And then I keep a little tan on my legs, because when I go to shows I don’t wear socks. I do body makeup.”


Nothing like a little insight/boarderline crazy-town comments from Ms. Dello Russo to brighten your day! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

More info:×00010

On the Radar: New Shoe Collection by Rachel Roy

Following in the steps of her mentor, Manolo Blahnik, designer Rachel Roy will be able to tack “shoe designer,” to her name.  The Shoes line will consist of about 30 styles and will be availabe for purchase in August of this year. Judging by what we can see from these photos we can expect to see clean lines, color blocking, leather and suede…some pretty sweet styles. Rachel says, “I don’t want shoes unless they are strong and sexy. I don’t want them to be just strong or just sexy,” says Roy. “[A strong and sexy look] represents the woman I want to be.”



Interesting, I couldn’t agree with her more!  I love her clothing and look forward to checking out those sexy and strong shoes. Will you??

Additional Photos can be found at:

Street style: Paris Couture Week 2012

I was so focused on critiquing the couture from Paris Couture Week that I didn’t have a chance to comment on the street style from Paris Couture Week! Who doesn’t love to see what the fashion insiders are wearing to the shows? I do! Anywho, I’ve been doing some research and found some pretty sweet style. Below are some of the looks that I enjoyed and found most inspiring:

 Only in Paris…

2  Who’s that?? ANNA WINTOUR.  Enough said.

3  Emmanuelle Alt looking effortlessly beautiful as usual.

 Love the details on this jacket.

5   Really cool style and a lot of attitude!

 Another great jacket.


Let me know what you guys think! ps. any street style photos from PCW that I may have missed? send me pics! 

All images availabe from

Beauty Trends…

So the sag awards came and went…a long with the lovely/and not so lovely dresses were some reocurring beauty trends. Here is what I saw:

Braids: -Busy Phillips     -Diana Agron

  -Kelly Cuoco

Ponytails:   -Diane Lane   -Kelly Osbourne

-Jayma Mays

The braid and the ponytail are two rather casual trends. I found it pretty interesting that they were used for such an event. What do you guys think? Take a few minutes to vote and give me your thoughts!

Thanks 🙂

“All you need is Love!” In the spirit of Valentines Day!

Valentines day is quickly approaching  (2.5 weeks to be exact…but who’s counting?) 🙂 and those of you who know me know that after leather, my next favorite thing is anything RED. Here are some pieces and that have got me in the V-day spirit:









* Picks 1 & 2 can be Found on

*Picks 3 ( Allen Swartz Prive dress) ,4 (YSL Pumps” Tribute 105″) & 5 (Tory Burch scarf) can all  be found on

*Pick 6 Butter London Disco Biscut (available for purchase on

*Pick 7  Givenchy Poppy no.177 ***one of my favs (also available for purchase on

*Pick 8 Yes Saint Laurent “Rouge Volupte’ Lipstick in Rose Culte OR Red Muse…Very Sexy! (also available for purchase on


It’s Friday! Good Eats…

I’m sure all of you are looking forward to a relaxing weekend! Last night a couple friends and I  took advantage of the of the last stretch of New York Restaurant Week and ended up at Chez Josephine (42nd/6th Ave).
I  heard great things about the food, and the atmosphere from a number of people and had to see myself. Now, to say that I enjoyed myself would be an understatment….I was in heaven! The food was AMAZING, and the ambiance was great; it felt like you were transported to 1920/1930’s Jazz and Flapper period –Which happens to be one of my favorite era’s.

Here are some photos from last night (ps. sorry for the poor quality photos, all I had was my iphone!)


Krissy, Me and Jose!



If  any of you on the East Coast are interested here is the website:

I would highly recommend this place and look forward to going back soon.



ps. if this isnt your cup of tea, check back later on today for some fashion related discussions! Have a great day! JP