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Hello Friends! I have some exciting news to share!–JP the musings will be returning to the blogosphere!! With that said, here is what you guys can expect: a snazzy new look. definitely ¬†posts on fabulous…and not to fabulous but absolutely hilarious fashion, and some new topics/content inviting you to see whats going on with me! A lot has changed so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do and I just can’t wait! Talk to you soon! ūüôā


xo JP



i.e. me VERY excited for whats to come!! ūüôā



Can we talk about this? Marc Jacobs…

Marc Jacobs, established and esteemed fashion designer-Who also happens to be pretty good looking. Now, I am for self expression, fashion, and art. I don’t mind the dresses and the skirts, but Good Lord, I couldn’t handle this:

I think its the socks with the manly calves and that hemline…WTF?

….LOL I don’t know its something….but it is enough to make me laugh every time I see a picture of him wearing those silly shoes.

OOH LA LA…something that finally made my heart jump!

So its been a crazy couple of days, and well I was feeling pretty uninspired…UNTIL NOW. Check out the sexy evening gowns from Elie Saab. I am lovvvvvvving them.


Theres nothing like glamour to make a girl happy!

What do you all think? Are you loving it too?



More Amazing Fashion from Dior

To my dismay, Friday I was unable to find any more looks from Dior’ show…but this morning was a different story. I scored from pretty sweet pics of the beautiful clothing from the Dior Paris show. Here are my top picks:

I really loved the shapes, and the textures. This are seriously beautiful pieces.


A Different Way to Wear Fur:

What are your opinions on Ms. Jennifer Lopez’s Alberta Ferretti jacket? I Love fur/faux fur and I think this is a cute alternative to fur accents:


In addition to the fur, I love the belt, it a nice accent that shows¬†off her waist. The coat is very lady like…I’d wear it! Thoughts??

Original article/photo available on:

Blast from the past: UNCLE KARL.1972.

I kid you not, look at what I found: Karl Lagerfeld before the fingerless gloves, and black shades.

Karl Lagerfeld circa 1972…not bad, huh?

…and this is what he looks like these days:

Was any one else as shocked as I was?? I¬†totally respect Karl’s work and expertise, however, I couldn’t help but chuckle. He looked so ordinary back in the day!

For more info and orginal article check out

SEXY SHOE ALERT: Roger Vivier Rendez Vous Spring 2012

 You guys like these?? Yeah, me too!

This is a truly beautiful shoe from the shape down to the details of the ankle cuff, gold zipper and those lovely feathers on the back. They exude a sense of femininity and luxury and brings us back to a more delicate frame from the 4-5 inch platforms we’ve been donning for some time now. I just loooove this shoe, so glamorous! It reminds me of something Elizabeth Taylor may have worn, dripping with diamonds and full of indulgence. These are out of Roger Vivier 2012 Spring Collection.

Designer Collection for Target (Jason Wu)

An effort to broaden their popularity among young girls and women who’d like to snag some designer wear, Target continues its¬†collaboration with various designers (…no one can forget¬†the¬†infamous¬†Missoni for Target line towards the end of 2011)¬† Feb. 5th will be the offical launch of the Jason Wu for Target Line and hopefully Target has got their ish together because there are some pretty pieces that I am sure will go quickly. What do you guys think of the designer for target lines?