Kanye West coming to a store near you!

Anyone remember all of the negative press Kanye received at his last fashion show for the skimpy little knit and fur ensembles he was showing? Not even the modeling industry’s hottest models [i.e. Karlie Kloss, Chanel Iman, Izabel Goulart to name a few] strutting in his designs could have saved him from the harsh fashion critic, but his shoes were a different story. They were actually pretty well received.

Kanye has been known for his shoe collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti and seems to be getting even more exposure for his shoe designs as he is rumored to have designed the shoes for DION LEE’s London Debut.

Here are some of Kanye’s designs. What do you think?

Shoes from Kanye’s design debut:


Shoes from Dion Lee’s London Debut:

So what do you guys think? Will you be purchasing a pair?


Its Wednesday! Street Style: Downtown NYC

GOOD MORNING! 🙂 So its Wednesday…Hump day!  Just to give you a little insight…this is how I’m feeling this morning:



Anywho, I have a little treat for you all this morning. Something a little different, it is some STREETSTYLE! Basically me, stalking people I find interesting on the streets of NYC. This is how it went…

So, in my opinion, the best style is personal style! We don’t want to look like someone else! We want the world to know, THIS IS ME… So, walking in downtown Manhattan the other day I came across this lovely pair that took a chance on talking to what may have seemed to be a crazed and wet (thanks to the sideways rain and no umbrella), woman on the streets of NY.

Check out Natalie and Emma from London, England below and a recap of our conversation:

JP: Ladies, you look awesome, great sense of personal style.  If you don’t mind me asking, where are you both from?

N&E: Thanks, we are from London. We’re visiting New York for about 4 days.

JP: Obviously you both have a strong sense of personal style and are not afraid to show it. Where would you say you get your inspiration from?

N&E: We love Topshop, and get inspiration from there. We don’t try and look like anyone else, we don’t want to look like a particular person or celebrity. We want to look like ourselves.

JP: Thats great. Its a big part of knowing who you are and what you want to convey to other people.

N&E:  Okay, last question, what is one item in your wardrobe you wouldn’t want to live without?

N: This Hat!

E: Definitely underwear, and jeans too!

JP: Thats awesome, I really love that hat! and I could’nt agree more on the underwear. haha

A big thank you to Natalie and Emma for taking a few minutes out of their day to chat with me! 🙂