More Amazing Fashion from Dior

To my dismay, Friday I was unable to find any more looks from Dior’ show…but this morning was a different story. I scored from pretty sweet pics of the beautiful clothing from the Dior Paris show. Here are my top picks:

I really loved the shapes, and the textures. This are seriously beautiful pieces.


Drool worthy….a Weekend Treat :)

Two things that I could not get enough of today…Dior’s ballerina themed collection from Paris and Red Nina Ricci ankle strapped pumps with jewel details. I am LOVING it.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes…definitely something I would wear during the winter holidays…and the Jewels make them so much more festive.

And this…so beautiful


What do you guys think of the tea length skirts? I think thay are a nice alternative to the formal floor length. I think it all looks really refreshing, light and airy. Can’t wait to see more!

Opinions? I’d love to hear them!

Have a great weekend 🙂


So maybe a lot of us won’t be buying Kanye West Shoes…

So heres an update…a rather rude awakening. The White Cuffed sandals (BELOW) are selling in Paris right now for 4220 Euros. That means $5,897.74 for us living in U.S.

My thoughts….HUH? What? Seriously?

 Not $600 but $6,000?? I truly am perplexed to say the least. I have some advice for Kanye: Shoes are the one thing you got right in the design fiasco that was your fashion show…maybe you should actually make them available to people. 

Thats just silly.

Street style: Paris Couture Week 2012

I was so focused on critiquing the couture from Paris Couture Week that I didn’t have a chance to comment on the street style from Paris Couture Week! Who doesn’t love to see what the fashion insiders are wearing to the shows? I do! Anywho, I’ve been doing some research and found some pretty sweet style. Below are some of the looks that I enjoyed and found most inspiring:

 Only in Paris…

2  Who’s that?? ANNA WINTOUR.  Enough said.

3  Emmanuelle Alt looking effortlessly beautiful as usual.

 Love the details on this jacket.

5   Really cool style and a lot of attitude!

 Another great jacket.


Let me know what you guys think! ps. any street style photos from PCW that I may have missed? send me pics! 

All images availabe from

Dior @ Paris Couture Fashion Week 2012

Dior pleased crowds at the Paris Couture Fashion Week with beautiful, luxurious fabrics, sleek lines and intricate craftsmanship. Here is a peek of what the lucky attendees saw on the runway:

This year Bill Gaytten stood in as the fashion houses’ designer after John Galliano’s was ousted for his anti-semtic rants last year. I think this was a strong comeback and very promising line. I am really enjoying the dress to the far right with all the layers, and the dress to the far left. The writing around the skirt gives it a playful feel.

Any thoughts? Any and all feedback is appreciated! 🙂 I look forward to hearing your opinions!

God, I love leather.

There is nothing that makes me weak in the knees like good leather.  Skirts, jackets, gloves, boots, sandals, purses, I LOVE THEM ALL.

I have yet to find the perfect pair of leather pants, but I WILL! Now don’t be frightened, I’m not trying to channel the Sassy-Sandy in Grease with the skin tight leather (might at well be leggings) pants. I’m talking a classy, not showing the world the WHOLE shape of my booty, but still a little tapered leather pant. I came across this picture of Salma Hayek at the screening of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy in Paris. I saw that dress and almost died. (no, seriously). I love this dress. The bow at the neck is great too. This look is over all hot and a lot of fun.

 What do you think?