I am back! After a couple crazy days, I am back and ready to talk FASHION.

So in the midst of what has begun as a crazy week, I needed something uplifting in my life right now…something to give me a little chuckle.

ENTER ANNA DELLO RUSSO. Its about time for another ADR post anyway. I love this crazy woman.

Of course the outfit would’nt be complete without what I sure is a diamond encrusted Tiara..and feathers! 🙂 So the picture shown above was paired with the quote below, regarding how MS.ADR prepares for NY Fashion Week:

“I prepare the looks and the luggage at the end of October. I already chose the best coats, and I saved for Fashion Week. I have a Balenciaga, really bright purple. Then I have an orange floral coat by Prada, and a really intense green velvet coat by Tom Ford. Not black. Anything but black! What I packed is many coats, boots, a clutch, and some evening party dresses – really short. Then I will bring some hats because New York is a really open-minded city. They say, ‘Oh that’s a good look!’ They encourage.

I went to India at Christmastime to prepare my body with yoga, swim, sunshine, also meditation and Ayurvedic massage. I like so much to be well done, you know, all perfect. I like now kind of red-orange chinois for the nails. And then I keep a little tan on my legs, because when I go to shows I don’t wear socks. I do body makeup.”


Nothing like a little insight/boarderline crazy-town comments from Ms. Dello Russo to brighten your day! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Its Monday…back to reality! Plus Golden Globe roundup

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a relaxing weekend…unfortunately its back to reality and back to work. So the 2012 Golden Globes were about a week ago, and I just now finally had time to digest all of the lovely dresses! I couldn’t pick one, but here are my favorites (not in any particular order)…and well for comic relief here are some of the ones that made me want to ask “WTF ?!?!??” Any opinions?? If you have some, I’d love to hear.

 Emma Stone in Lanvin…Amazing. Love the small cap sleeve and the details of the belt, its looks unique and freshwhich is really characteristic of her.

 Claire Danes in J. Mendel. Love the details on the dress and the unexpected open back. Its definitely a fun dress and even a little edgy for Claire Danes.

 Jessica Alba in Gucci. Such a beautiful dress. The intricate beading is beautiful and the soft violet color looks great on Jessica.

 Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang. Sexy Mama who is not afraid to show those curves. Enough said.

Salma Hyek in Gucci. Another Sexy Mama! She keeps getting better with age, she looks stunning.

Okay, now for WTF?!?!

EvanRachel Wood in Gucci. Okay, well this isn’t a fair WTF choice because well, the dress is actually pretty cool. I just can’t stand the site of this woman. She gives me the creeps!–Maybe freely dating Marilyn Manson has something to do with it. So odd.

Frieda Pinto in Prada. I am a HUGE fan of Prada, Miuccia is my homegirl..really. BUT, I just can’t say many nice things about this dress. The waistline and excess material around her sides just did not do her any favors, and don’t get me wrong she is a very beautiful woman. Okay, i take back my first comment, the color was nice, the only good thing… 🙂

Zooey Deschanel in Prada and Van Cleef & Arpels. I REALLY love Zooey Deschanel, love the New Girl, love the quirkiness, and love her music, and I really wanted to love this dress… but  I don’t. I just don’t. This skirt of the dress is fine, but the top is not. Love green…its actually my favorite color, but not here. Nope, I would have liked to see her in something softer and feminine.