God, I love leather.

There is nothing that makes me weak in the knees like good leather.  Skirts, jackets, gloves, boots, sandals, purses, I LOVE THEM ALL.

I have yet to find the perfect pair of leather pants, but I WILL! Now don’t be frightened, I’m not trying to channel the Sassy-Sandy in Grease with the skin tight leather (might at well be leggings) pants. I’m talking a classy, not showing the world the WHOLE shape of my booty, but still a little tapered leather pant. I came across this picture of Salma Hayek at the screening of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy in Paris. I saw that dress and almost died. (no, seriously). I love this dress. The bow at the neck is great too. This look is over all hot and a lot of fun.

 What do you think?