“All you need is Love!” In the spirit of Valentines Day!

Valentines day is quickly approaching¬† (2.5 weeks to be exact…but who’s counting?) ūüôā¬†and those of you who know me know that after leather, my next favorite thing is anything RED. Here are some pieces and that have¬†got me¬†in the V-day spirit:









* Picks 1 & 2 can be Found on asos.com

*Picks 3 ( Allen Swartz Prive dress) ,4 (YSL Pumps” Tribute 105″) & 5 (Tory¬†Burch scarf)¬†can all ¬†be found on Bluefly.com

*Pick 6 Butter London Disco Biscut (available for purchase on Nordstroms.com)

*Pick 7  Givenchy Poppy no.177 ***one of my favs (also available for purchase on Nordstroms.com)

*Pick 8 Yes Saint Laurent “Rouge Volupte’ Lipstick in¬†Rose Culte¬†OR Red Muse…Very Sexy! (also available for purchase on Nordstroms.com)


Brrrr….its cold out! Lets talk about winter wear…

So if you are in New York City today…or this weekend, you’ll basically be freezing your buns off. Its 23 degrees today–thats the high!).¬† You’ll find me trekking around in my big black puffy parka, white knitted hat and black/white knitted scarf wrapped all the way to my cheeks! What will you guys be wearing to keep warm??

Below are some of my favorite winter picks! Let me know what you think!


Tory Burch

Dennis Basso

John Richmond