New Years Resolutions…all hope is not lost yet!

Although New Years Day was only 17 days ago, who else feels like it was months? Is it wrong to be *slightly* happy that the ever-eager gym resolutions have already failed? I know, not nice at all…well although many have even forgotten what the word resolution means, all hope does not have to be lost yet!! I have my own rules, the month of January is my resolution “trial period” for me. Basically I’ll  do everything I can to keep this darn thing and if it sticks then I should be on track for the rest of the year!

So this year’s resolution is one that would help me out in a number of ways, keeping my closets from getting stuffed to capacity and keeping myself financially sound. I am trying to opt for the “learn to live with less” state of mind. Frankly, I’m dying. (like I refuse to even late-night browse bloomingdales online in fear that I might find something irresistable). So, any advice for a shopaholic trying to adopt a minimalistic life-style? No ones perfect! 🙂

Hope you guys are succeeding with your resolutions and haven’t thrown in the towel just yet!