A realization that a lot of woman can learn from…

Correct me if I am wrong, but to people who love fashion and style, they consider it a tool for self expression and exemplifying how they may be feeling (or how they may want to feel).  If you want to feel sexy you may throw on a nice high pair of Louboutin heals, or if you are tired and feel like lounging around, you might just feel like throwing on a pair of sweats (**unless you are Anna Dello Russo and go take a “fashion shower,” LOL).

 In other words, how you dress or put your self together is the way you identify yourself and set yourself apart from the rest of the world. Well the same would go for relationships right? The people you surround yourself with and how they act also reflects on you as a person as well. Well I came across an article/interview with Kristen Bell and she had something really interesting to say on what she realized about her own identification as a person and woman which that I think a lot of woman could learn from:

“I became aware of how much I depend on my relationships as a sort of survival mechanism, identifying who I am based on the other person in the room, whether that’s a director, my significant other, or my friend.”



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