Blast from the past: UNCLE KARL.1972.

I kid you not, look at what I found: Karl Lagerfeld before the fingerless gloves, and black shades.

Karl Lagerfeld circa 1972…not bad, huh?

…and this is what he looks like these days:

Was any one else as shocked as I was?? I totally respect Karl’s work and expertise, however, I couldn’t help but chuckle. He looked so ordinary back in the day!

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“I only wear the latest, it’s my job,”…what Uncle Karl is up to these days.

While he is not putting together Chanel couture shows in Aircrafts, Uncle Karl non the less still a busy guy. So if you are Fashion Royal Karl Lagerfeld, this week has been a pretty important one. WWD has let us in on Mr. Lagerfeld’s busy schedule just as his Karl collection was set to launch on yesterday, Jan. 25th and on next month. The brand has been dubbed as “effortless cool”  with “fantasic price points.”

The one thing that particular struck my interest is that the line is to be produced and distributed under a license with Italy’s Itierre SpA which is in my family’s hometown of Pettoranello, Italy( where they still live and work today). 🙂

Something interesting: The tag line “I only wear the latest, it’s my job,” will be printed on detacheable leather collars. A very”Karl” statement.

For you fashion lovers who may be interested Friday will be the opening of a 650 Sq. Ft. Pop-Up Shop.!! The Shop will open at 375 Bleeker St. in NYC and will showcase the line and will also feature Karl Lagerfeld books, brooches and other goodies you can get your hands on!

What the pop-up store may look like:  


              One of the looks from the collection:


So what do you guys think?




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